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Reiki and Reflexology Sessions 

Reiki Treatment

Usui Reiki Sessions

60 or 90 minutes 

Offered at Wellington Natural Health and Zen Natural Wellness 

45 minute Children's Reiki (ages 4-18)

*Parent or guardian requested to be present during session. 

Offered at Wellington Natural Health 

Are you looking for some balance, relaxation, clarity or to gain a greater insight into what your body, mind or spirit wants to share with you? The benefits of Reiki are limitless and each Reiki session is tailored to exactly what you need at the time. During a Reiki session the energy flows to where it is needed.

Usui Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing practice that can encourage the body to come into a state of energetic balance which can promote healing and vitality. Universal life force energy is channeled and then through a series of hand positions held on or hovering over the body and transferred to the client.

Reiki is my passion and I feel so much gratitude to share sessions and classes with those drawn to this ancient healing art. As a Usui Reiki Master I have been practicing Reiki for 9 years and am a member of the Canadian Reiki Association.

60 or 90 minute sessions are available. The 90 minute session allows for extra time to allow the energy to flow and balance the Chakra system. Gentle music can be played to help you relax and comfortable linens will be provided to keep you cozy. Each Reiki session wraps up with a discussion about anything that came up energetically during the session. 

To book at Zen Natural Wellness call 604-746-7575

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Shamanic Reiki Sessions 

90 minutes 

Offered at Wellington Natural Health 

Shamanic Reiki pairs the gentle energy of traditional Usui Reiki with Shamanic wisdom and practices. Shamanism is an ancient cross-cultural healing approach that honors the Earth and works with the forces of nature to tap into the wisdom of the body, heart and soul. This powerful combination of Reiki and Shamanism can assist and empower you to heal on a very deep level.

As both a Master level Usui and Shamanic Reiki practitioner, I have gathered multiple tools for my healing basket. Some of these are used for preventing soul loss, collecting lost soul pieces, discovering and healing past lives, finding your guides to work with them, cutting and clearing cords, balancing your Chakras, and removing energetic intrusions and blocks.

A session combines Reiki, Shamanic elements, and journey work. This journey work is achieved through guided meditation and drumming to help you connect with your higher self.

Sessions will be tailored to your individual needs. Each session will roughly break down into 30 minutes of Reiki, 40 minutes of journeying and another 30 minutes of Reiki to seal in the healing that has occurred.

I am both a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and a Master level Shamanic Reiki Practitioner. My background is of Finnish heritage where Shamanism was discovered to be part of the culture since 5000 BC. Since connecting with my ancestry Shamanic Reiki has emerged as a passion in my healing work and I am excited to share it with those who resonate with this unique style of healing.

Sessions will be held in person at Wellington Natural Health in downtown Chilliwack.

Message to book in or with any inquiries. 

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Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a natural way to help bring grounding and balance to the body and help improve or maintain health and wellness. Some of the benefits of reflexology can include profound relaxation, boosting the immune system, decreased anxiety and improved sleep. Reflexology can help with a variety of chronic physical and mental health conditions and pain management. 

A foot reflexology session is done on bare feet. You are comfortably positioned on an adjustable massage table either laying down or on a seated position with comfortable linens. The session includes relaxation techniques and specific pressure is applied to areas on the feet which correspond to the different organs, glands and areas of the body. 

I am a RCRT, Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist, and if your health care plan covers Reflexology your sessions would be eligible for reimbursement as your plan outlines. 

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Facial Reflexology
Sessions 50 minutes 
Offered at Zen Natural Wellness

Facial reflexology is a natural way to help bring a sense of deep relaxation along with countless additional benefits. These include lessening of chronic pain, improved sleep, management of mental health conditions plus the bonus benefit of anti-aging and glowing skin. This relaxing and pampering experience of a facial reflexology session is achieved through gentle pressure techniques applied to specific areas on the face that correspond to all the areas of the body, much like a foot reflexology session. Rose hip oil is used during the sessions on a clean makeup free face and gentle pressure is achieved through the fingertips, no tools are used during this session.

To book at Zen Natural Wellness

call 604-746-7575

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