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Pebbles on the Sand

Tanja's presence is incredibly welcoming. She is professional and creates an open, accepting environment that allows her Reiki knowledge and experience to really shine through. My experiences with her have allowed for healing and inspired me in many aspects of my life. I would highly recommend her services.

Vanessa H.

I saw Tanja for my first ever Reiki session, to be honest I didn’t know what I would feel or take from it. During the session I had a massive time lapse, as she was working on a certain part of me - I didn’t notice her hands had lifted until they were placed somewhere different - completely new experience for me and I think it was a whole new realm of being centered.
I left feeling lighter and felt much more aligned. For the first time in weeks I drove without anxiety, the rest of the day I was very sleepy and relaxed. The days to follow were just easier, if you know - you know. 
I look forward to another session in the future, thanks Tanja! 

Hailey H.

I've been seeing Tanja for reflexology for over two years and in that time the issues I have experienced with my hip pain are greatly improved. Also, the sessions seem to have helped my overall anxiety, menstrual pain and sleep quality. Tanja has a calm and gentle personality that puts you at ease, I love my monthly sessions with Tanja and look forward to them!

Kristie F.

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